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Hypnotized man can see through his daughter's body and reads inscription on the watch

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We are told that our reality is what we can perceive with our 5 senses and if we start referring to something which others can't confirm, we are told that we are out of touch or delusional. What if we can show that what we all collectively perceive as reality, is only reality because majority of us believes in it. If we can hypnotize person and tell them that something doesn't exist, that person in the state of hypnosis won't be aware of this and or won't be affected by it.

Michael Talbot in The Holographic Universe tells following story.

“But the highlight of the evening was when he told Tom that when he came out of trance, his teenage daughter, Laura, would be completely invisible to him. Then, after having Laura stand directly in front of the chair in which Tom was sitting, the hypnotists awakened him and asked him if he could see her.
“Tom looked around the room and his gaze appeared to pass right through his giggling daughter. 'No,' he replied. The hypnotist asked Tom if he was certain, and again, despite Laura's rising giggles, he answered no. Then the hypnotist went behind Laura so he was hidden from Tom's view and pulled an object out of his pocket. He kept the object carefully concealed so that no one in the room could see it, and pressed it against the small of Laura's back. He asked Tom to identify the object. Tom leaned forward as if staring directly through Laura's stomach and said that it was a watch. The hypnotist nodded and asked if Tom could read the watch's inscription. Tom squinted as if struggling to make out the writing and recited both the name of the watch's owner (which happened to be a person unknown to any of us in the room) and the message. The hypnotist then revealed that the object was indeed a watch and passed it around the room so that everyone could see that Tom had read its inscription correctly.
“When I talked to Tom afterward, he said that his daughter had been absolutely invisible to him. All he had seen was the hypnotist standing and holding a watch cupped in the palm of his hand. Had the hypnotist let him leave without telling him what was going on, he never would have known he wasn't perceiving normal consensus reality.” (141)

Sidewalk chalk art by Julian Beever in progress. The beer to the left is also not"real".

Are we simply trained to see things as obstacles even if they are not? According to current neuroscience, we actually “see” very little, we see portion of what is there and we make up the reminder based on our experience and training.

To read more about our perception of reality and our reaction to it go here.

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  3. Michael Talbot is a pseudoscientist, you know that right?

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