Monday, 10 June 2013

Does this three year old know something we don't?

Creative child
After seeing this video I first thought this is just young kid asking various questions and he will forget about it once he sees all the other kids around are ignoring what he believes is a serious problem. There are chances that this will happen, like many other things children lose when they are faced with existing education and growing up.

Three year old kid explains why he doesn't want to eat meat

Then I remembered statistics I have read once about children's creative abilities and how they go down as they age.

It has been determined that 80% of children in kindergarten display creative abilities which by the time they are in grade two, goes down to  10%.

Refer to this article Stereotypes and Divergent Thinking

Are schools and society simply killing abilities in children to have imagination and creativity? Is our society on the wrong path?

Is asking curious questions and ability to imagine only available to us up to age 6 when we are still forming our ego and personality?

Is uniqueness,  asking questions,  having courage to experiment,  being able to  make mistakes, being able to cooperate, initiate intelligent and mind inspiring activities, play games not fashionable anymore and not helping with success in our society?

It appears that schools today kill creativity. At least so thinks Sir Ken Robinson.

He believes that if you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never be original.  Our society stigmatizes mistakes, so by the time we are adults we are afraid of making mistakes. We are educating people out of their creative capacity. The education has been designed to meet the needs of industrialism and arts are at the bottom of the school education ladder.

Sir Ken Robinson in this Ted presentation.

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