Saturday, 17 August 2013

Top Secret Document From Einstein & Oppenheimer On UFO's

Albert Einstein (left) with J. Robert Oppenhei...
Albert Einstein (left) with J. Robert Oppenheimer (right) working on the Manhattan Project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In June 1947, Albert Einstein and J.Robert Oppenheimer wrote together a top-secret 6 pages document titled "Relations with the inhabitants of the heavenly bodies". It appears from this letter that the existence of UFOs is a generally accepted fact by military.

The document also contains a number of ethical and legal guidelines in regards to the behavior of humanity in the event of contact with alien civilizations. Scientists also touch on issues such as the colonization of other planets and how to make claims in respect to that.

The researchers concluded that the level of advancement of extraterrestrials will be comparable to ours and they won't attempt to conquest earth using their more advanced technology.

Finally, scholars mention the presence of unidentified flying objects in our atmosphere. They claim that these vehicles were created as part of military experiments with the use of new technologies.

Finally, the document addresses the presence of celestial astroplanes in our atmosphere as a result of actions of military experiments with fission and fusion devices of warfare.

Recall that the document was created in 1947 and is still very current.

Read document online.

Incidental yesterday this article appeared on CBC website. Why? After of so many years of denial and calling and ridiculing  those who were exposing it as a crazy conspiracy theorist?

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