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Were ancient Gods simply astronauts from different planets?

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In my previous post I have presented list of findings about one of the oldest known civilization on earth Sumerians.  It turns out that Sumerians in spite of living in times where humans were supposed to live in caves and throw stones, had very high level of society and were aware of all planets in our solar system and of great processional cycle that lasted 25,920 years, known as the Platonic year.

It appears that Sumerians according to Samuel Noah Kramer, author of History Begins at Sumer have developed the wheel, schools, medical science, the first written proverbs, history, the first bicameral congress, taxation, laws, social reforms, the first cosmogony and cosmology, and the first money and the first writing system (cuneiform).  Their history has been written on clay tablet's, which after writing were dried, baked and kept in large libraries. About five hundred thousand such tablets have been found.

It also appears that their story about how humans were created and who were the creators differs substantially from the Bible which in many instances is just a copy of Sumerian historical writings where Sumerian Gods are simply referred by different names.

The knowledge about Sumerians, their abilities and facts comes from thousands of translated Sumerian tablets. Sumerians report in those tablets that their knowledge came from their Gods.  Although Gods typically are associated with ethereal beings, researches today believe that Sumerian Gods were physical beings who have "fallen from the sky", "landed" on earth.

Zecharia Sitchin in his book about Sumerians, writes the following.
"All the ancient peoples believed in gods who had descended to Earth from the heavens and who could at will soar heavenwards...  But these tales were never given credibility, having been branded by scholars from the very beginning as myths."

The question still remains why all ancient traditions would concentrate on talking about made up stories which are so similar across different cultures which didn't have apparent connection throughout the ages.

Jim Marrs in his book "Our Occulted History" puts together following facts.
  • In North America, the Blackfoot tribe awaited the promised return of Napi, said to be son of the sun and the moon.
  • Algonquinas watched for the Glosscap, the legendary figure who created humans and brought them knowledge. 
  • Aztecs welcomed Spanish conquistadors as return of their ancient god, Quetzalcoatl. 
  • Quetzalcoatl the great teacher of the Mayans, was known as Viracocha to the Incas and as the sun god Ra to the Egyptians. 
  • Sargon, the first great leader of the Akkadian dynasty, which succeeded the Sumerians, attributed his knowledge to the god Anu
  • Babylonian king Hammurabi was said to have gained power through Marduk
  • In India it is believed that man is descended from gods who flew in fiery craft called vimanas.
  • The Teutons point to ancestors in flying craft called Wanen. 
  • The ancient Mayans thought  their predecessor came from the Pleiades
  • Incas said that they were the "sons of the sun"
  • Chinese texts tell of long-lived rulers from the heavens who sailed through the skies in "fire-breathing dragons.
  • The Dogon tribe in Mali, West Africa, tells of space travelers called Nommos, who came to Earth thousands of years ago from the Sirius star system and gave them detailed information about their world and our solar system. They talked about Sirius as having dual or binary suns, a fact not known until recent years. 
Tomb Painting from Ancient Egypt

If you go back 6000 years in history, understanding of concepts like DNA manipulation, flaying vehicles, atomic explosions, weather manipulation, sonic weapons might look like work of God.

Understanding of those concept by civilization which had no education about those subjects would be different and words used to tell their story would look a lot like fables to people unfamiliar with the concepts.

Sitchin said, "Now that astronauts have landed on the Moon, and unmanned spacecraft explore other planets, it is no longer impossible to believe that a civilization on another planet more advanced than ours was capable of landing its astronauts on the planet Earth sometime in the past"

What about invitro or DNA manipulation and creation of new organisms which are result of more than one spices or many donors?  For the creature which is created by science through this manipulation, its creators will appear like Gods if access to other info is disabled.

In next article I will continue about Sumerian Gods called Anunnakis who came from planet Nibiru.

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