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Biblical God - not so loving

Sodom and Gomorrah
In continuing effort to research humanity's beginnings, I'm reading books which show historical facts and artifacts not yet embraced by mainstream thinkers and scholars.  Currently I'm  reading book by Michael Tellinger titled "Slave Species of the Gods- The secret history of the Anunnaki and their Mission on Earth"

Tellinger continues revelations brought by Zacharia Sitchin in his books about Anunnakies and human early history based on Sumerian tablets.

He approaches it from several angles to prove that what Sumerian tablets and other historical writings like Bible are telling us, can be interpreted in such a way that what early humans considered to be Gods, these were simply more advanced intelligent beings who created current so called human race through genetic manipulation to create slave spices for hard work, namely for mining of gold.

I'm explaining this in more details in my past articles

Tellinger approaches it by analyzing, animal behavior, genetic buildup of humans, human nature, human obsession with gold, religions and Biblical stories showing god's nature far from all loving creator.

The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah, a paint...
The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah, a painting by John Martin (painter), died 1854, thus 100 years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I would like to show Tellinger's analysis of God from the Bible. Why such a God could be not much more than simply higher evolved spices who possessed knowledge of  genetic manipulation, high technology, and seemingly unnatural powers, yet which seen in eyes of primitive humans,  could be considered as a creator and ultimate source of everything .

As shown in my above articles, Sumerian tablets clearly describe that gods were the visitors from planet Nibiru who created humans in the process of genetic manipulation.

The stories written by Sumerians don't have other connotation than simply reporting of existing knowledge and observations and facts.  Although visitors from Nibiru, Anunnakies are referred to as gods, they  are also shown as beings who feel hunger, cold, heat and have similar desires to humans in areas of social needs and continually fight amongst themselves for better influences and privileges.

Although they are being shown as having unnatural powers, they are also shown as having their flows.

It is different when we read Bible, particularly old testament.

God in the Bible is shown as a single almighty entity although very inconsistent.

Tellinger, Sitchin and several other scholars, believe that Bible is simply edited version of Sumerian writings, with  the difference that Bible shows all Sumerian stories in reference to gods, as action of one singular god, hence all inconsistencies in the Bible.  In one instance god saves his chosen group of people and in another one he punishes the same group with death of immeasurable proportions for being insubordinate.  He not only punishes those who didn't listen to him but their friends, families, including children, unborn babies and elderly.

Those actions make much more sense when we read similar stories from Sumerian tablets and  then map them to stories in the Bible. The contradictions in the Bible can be shown as result of various Anunnaki gods fighting amongst themselves and creating all those seemingly contradicting decisions as simply coming form different beings of power in connection with the same event.

Depiction from the Bible for kids

Today I would like to show passages from the Bible which only can be considered as brutal, inhumane, barbaric, dictatorial and despotic in today's world, yet considered as rightful actions of god in the old times.

The purpose of this is to show that what has been presented as action of God in the Bible, could be only action of beings similar to us who at the time of Bible writings might have appeared like Gods to its less advanced genetic creation.

Those passages were identified in Tellinger's book and also on the Landover Baptis Church website.

1. How many men did Gog kill because someone decided to peek into the ark of the Lord?
The answer is 50,700.
(1 Samuel 6:19)

2. How many men did Moses kill in one day because they failed to say they support God?
The answer is 3,000
(Exodus 32:26-28)

3. How many people did God kill in plague before someone pleased God by ending a mixed marriage with the murder of couple?
The answer is 24,000
(Numbers 25:6-9)

4. How many animals did Solomon kill in sacrifice to please the Lord?
The answer is 120,000 sheep, 22,000 oxen
(1 Kings 8:63)

5. How many Israelites did God deliver to the people of Judah to slaughter?
The answer is half a million
(2 Chronicles 13:15-18)

6. How many people of Judah were once killed or enslaved because they didn't give God his due?
120,000 valiant men were killed and 200,000 woman and children were taken as slaves
(2 Chronicles 28:6-8)

7. How many Ethiopians did God kill for His chosen people?
The answer is one million
(Chronicles  14:8-12)

8. Speaking of God's chosen people, how many kings were maimed in God's name?
The answer is 70
(Judges 1:5-7)

9. How many soldiers did God burn to death with fire from Heaven because they confronted Elijah?
The answer is 150
(2 Chronicles 1:10-14)

Lonar crater (Google Earth) belived to be result of ancient nuclear explosion- read about it

After reading this, if I we now would exchange word God with word "Genghis Khan", Stalin, Ku Klux Klan, British Royal Gurar, SS, Hitler, Saddam, Alexander the Great, US Army, Osama Bin Laden we could easily find this kind of facts in our recent researched history. Would you feel the same when reading them in the Bible?

Bible is presented to us as inspired by God, and we conveniently skip portions where the nature of God is being shown as inhumane.  We simply say these are old writings and really we don't know what happened there.  We apply one measure towards one action and different towards another one.

We can say that God is all love and in the same sentence we say that God can punish us if we don't follow his rules and he can choose most barbaric means to do that.

Now let's examine how loving was God in the Bible.

1. How many people did God kill in one day for having per-martial sex?
The answer is (23,000)
(Corinthians 10:8)

2. After God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, how many of their own people did they kill, at God's behest, for declining to give God His due?
The answer is 3,000
(Exodus 32:26-28)

3. How many Israelites did God kill to punish David for counting them?
The answer is 70,000
(1 Chronicles 21:1-14)

4. How many people did God slaughter in a plague because they had the audacity to question the judgement of Moses and Aaron?
The answer is 14,700
(Numbers 16:35)

5. How many Israelites did God slaughter in a plague for whoring around?
The answer is 24,000
(Number 25:1-9)

6. How many members of other races and tribes did the Lord deliver to be slaughtered by Israel because the favored the Israelites and was prejudiced against other tribes?
The answer is 10,000
(Judges 3:28-29)

7. How many people did God kill in Sodom and Gomorrah for engaging in homosexual acts?
The answer is - Every single living thing in the communities)
(Genesis 19:24-25)

8. How many Assyrians did God kill after their king and his servants made fun of God
The answer is 185,000
(Isaiah 37:1-36)

9. How many Israelites did God threaten to kill when the tribe abandoned Him?
The answer is - 90% of the population of  each community
(Amos 5:1-3)

10. When God became particularly disgusted with the sin of man, how many being did He kill?
The answer is - Every living thing [children and unborn children included] on the face of the earth, except those few residing on the ark)
(Genesis 6:5-7:22)

So was this shocking to you so far? It was to me even though I was born in Catholic country and Catholic family.

On one hand God is presented as all love and on the other as a judge and many times executioner who doesn't refrain from using most oppressive and brutal extermination techniques of humans who didn't follow his rules.

By today's standards anyone using these methods would be announced as a despot, maniac and barbarian and actions like this would be considered genocide.

Is this the kind of God you would expect? This stories are blindly being presented through thousands of years in various forms and by various versions, including some of the most active religions to these days? Millions of believers accept those writings and never question contradictions contained in them. I have not questioned them myself, because I believed they were simply stories of early humans, who didn't know how to write and had seen many things for unnatural which can be easily explained today as acts of nature.

The truth is that the God described in the Bible is simply edited version of Sumerian stories which talk about Anunnakies, advanced human race who arrived on this planet from Nibiru.

Those theories might sound wild, but they are clearly written in Sumerian tablets, tens of thousands of them and many books have been written on those topics.

If this is not enough, let's analyze favorite ways to kill by Biblical God.

1. Which of the following are among God's methods of punishing those who break His commandments?
The answer is - striking with plagues, burning fevers the consume the eyes, pestilence, consumption, blasting, the sward, sending bears to devour their children.
(Deuteronomy 28:15-28)

2. How does God handle people who make Him jealous by having a religion different than ours?
The answer is - He has them burned with fire, shot with arrows, bitten by beasts, poisoned by serpents, stabbed with swords, and dashed to pieces with rods of iron - man, woman and child including infants, the aged, and virgins.
(Psalm 2:8)

3. How does God kill whiners?
The answer is Fire
(Numbers 11:1)

4. How does God prefer to torture those who somehow become enemies of His chosen people?
The answer is - breaks their bones and pierces them with arrows, sends hornets to kill them, has them eat their own flesh and drink their own blood.
(Isaiah 49:26)

5. How does God kill those who vacation in Egypt?
The answer is - sward, famine, pestilence,
(Jeremiah 42:15-17)

6. How did God express his hatred toward people living in metropolitan Babylon?
The answer is - by turning the men into drag queens
(Jeremiah 50:23, 37)

7. When a community's sins really make God mad, how does God find comfort?
The answer is - by killing a third of the people with plagues and famine, local warfare, international warfare.
(Ezekiel 5:11-13)

8. Whom does God slaughter when He gets jealous because a community is worshiping someone else?
The answer is - he has their genitals mutilated, ensures that their misdeeds result in unwanted pregnancy or venereal disease, he has them burned with fire.
(Hosea 13:16)

9. How does God punish promiscuous folks, like men who have sex with both their wives and mothers-in-law and daughters of priests who sleep around?
The answer is - he has them burned with fire
(Leviticus 21:9)

10. In Jesus' time, how did the Trinity deal with nonbelievers?
The answer is - they had them eaten by worms, they struck one blind
(Acts 13:8-11)

Mohenjo Daro skeletons-
among the most radioactive comparable with those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In the book of Tellinger there are other examples of how God gives license to sin to his favorites, how he condones and approves slavery, but I believe that these examples here provide enough information to any logically thinking individual, that what is presented in the Bible as God's actions, could be not associated with all loving God, but rather qualified them as maniacal, despotic and barbaric by today's standards.

We could say that we are speaking here about mythology and what then living people have put into writing, could be simply exaggerated or even misunderstood and we just need to take good with the bad.

The problem with this is that since the bad parts are exaggeration, how we can assume that good ones are even true?

With help here are coming Sumerian writings.  They also provide testimony about Anunnakies and their brutality. In addition those writings are not based on any religious concepts, but are simply reporting and confirmed in many writings during various periods and by various authors.

There are tens of thousands of tablets which are simply reporting from debates, from events, and also historical writing from before times of big flood.

They all point to one major story, Anunnakies, planet Nibiru, DNA manipulation and their obsession with gold. To accomplish hard work of mining gold on earth to save their atmosphere similarly to our diminishing ozone layer, they have created slave race of their own DNA with DNA of primitive humanoid beings called homo erectus, living between 1 million and 500 hundred years ago on earth.

This experiment resulted in creation of  home sapiens, which continues to this days.
One group of Anunnakies was against such an experiment and attempted to erase human spices unsuccessfully several times. The main problem stemmed from the fact that some of the Annuakies interbred with humans, creating hybrids who in the process became their extended families. This lead to conflicts amongst Anunnakies, various wars and unplanned development of new civilization which they helped initially after big flood. 

GENESIS 6:1 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.  3 And the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years."  4 There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them.  Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

It is believed that Anunnaki "god" who inspired Bible was Enlil and the one who warned Noah about the flood and instructed him to build Ark was Enki. Enki was believed to be Noah's father and Noah  was believed to have human wife. According to Sumerian tablets Enki was creator of humans, while Enlil who was the Anunnaki ruler of earth was against it.

Enlil continually attempted to erase Enki's creation through famine, natural disasters and punishment, while Enki who created the human race worked on its survival, hence Ark of Noah.

Tellinger in his book reasons that probably Enlil was behind creation of the Bible. The story of Noah in the Bible is told as if God seen Noah as only righteous human on the entire earth and this is why he saved him. Very thin reasoning.

This kind of story could be only written by someone who would like to cover his failure with erasing human race and presenting it in such a way as this would be a decision of God to save human race.

The Sumerian tables are much more credible in this respect as they tell the story of a father "god" who wanted to save his son who was married to human female. In addition Sumerian tablets stories predate the Bible by 1000 years.

If Anunnakies are still amongst us today, seems to be a rhetorical question, but in my next articles, I will attempt to show it more clearly.

Bogdan Fiedur

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