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Multiple personality - a curse or unlimited human potential?

After reading above title you might ask yourself who could ask such an absurd question.  I would never ask this question probably myself if I have not read chapter titled "The Health Implication of Multiple Personality" from the book The Holographic Universe by Micheal Talbot.

This article is not in any way discussing problems of MPD and its various causes and or suffering of those who are affected but concentrates on the mind's ability to affect human biology through  believes.

In the article which I wrote on Apr 18 titled Top Stem Cell Biologist Says "The Genes Don’t Control Life I was presenting ideas of  Bruce Lipton, top stem biologist who demonstrated through his research that genes have very little influence on life. The article I have read on MPD, only confirms this fact.
When I read specific details about those who were affected with this disorder (MPD), I could only wonder about our brain/mind/body ability to adjust to different demands of the environment and/or our perception.

For example MPD subject will have most of the follwoing

  • different brain-wave patterns for each sub-personality
  • strong psychological separation
  • each has each own name
  • age
  • memories
  • abilities
  • its own style of handwriting
  • announced gender
  • cultural and racial background
  • artistic talents
  • foreign language fluency
  • different IQ
They also will have biological differences as follows 

  • one medical condition will vanish after another personality takes over
    e.g. in one example person was allergenic to orange juice in all sub-personalities but one.
    In another example person would be allergic to wasp sting in one and non alergic in anther. After being stung by wasp in one personality person's eye would be swollen requiring medical attention, by the time this was available man switched to another personality and swelling was gone within hour.  When man returned to main personality swelling and pain were back.
  • a person being drunk in one personality instantly gets sober in another
  • a person might need 5 milligrams of tranquilizer in one personality, and 100 in another with no effect.
  • there would be waking up on operation table when one personality would switch during operation which required higher doses of anesthetics
  • the others are scars, burns marks, cysts and right and left handedness
  • visual acuity can differ and multiples might require to carry glasses with different strengths
  • one personality can be color blind  and even eye color can change
  • there are cases of women who have two or three menstrual periods for each personality
  • voice pattern for each personality is different
  • one personality can be diabetic while other fully healthy
  • the epilepsy will come and go with change of personality
Here are other traits of multiples

  • they don't age as quick
  • one multiple believes that her various personalities can work on different term papers, while being deactivated. She thinks that her sub personalities are never asleep. She also could heal from burns in minutes.
When you read those possible states of one individual not only you will agree that genes have nothing to say in terms of our life but you will come to realization that our psyche has such a powerful influence not only on how we feel but also how our chemical processes in our body run.

If believe or state of mind can make one person to be drunk in one state and totally sober in another, if person in one state can have diabetes or epilepsy and be instantly healthy in another soon after switching personalities,  this defies entire science and 300 hundred years of so called progress which attempts to make us believe that all we need to do is to find proper gene or proper combination of chemicals to solve any health problem. 

We can ask ourselves if a non- MPD person can cause changes in their biology like the MPD person can after switching from one personality to another. It turns out that it is also possible, but those cases don't make news. Why?, because they are not going to make money to anybody and this ability can't be patented like e.g. genes responsible for alleged breast cancer or other diseases.

On this in another article.

It turns out that if our believe is anchored in our unconsciousness, (meaning we are not aware that could be any other way), we accept this as the highest truth and our body acts accordingly to our believes.

Switching of multiples between their personalities is the best example for this as they are not consciously aware that they have those sub-personalities. Whatever caused them to have those different isolated areas of consciousness, is their entire truth once they enter it and their body acts accordingly to the truths contained in the bubble of believes.

The biology is stimulated by our thoughts and thoughts are stimulated by our believes and to change our biology we need to change our thoughts which will change our believes. If we repeat frequently enough certain statement, our body mind won't be able to make any difference between it or a factual observation. In the end body will adjust to our feelings during the period of making affirmation or training and will heal or get sick depending of the emotional state we are creating during our practice.

The Woman with Seven Personalities - Interview on the Jensen Show

Bogdan Fiedur

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  1. Hi Bogdan!

    This is a perfect topic, and for years I was studying it (I called it: "Rubik Cube Ready Mode").

    " The biology is stimulated by our thoughts and thoughts are stimulated by our believes and to change our biology we need to change our thoughts which will change our believes."

    Just to add that also whole UNIVERSE is stimulated by our "reflexes" on our thoughts. We do not reveal "TRUTH".


    Thank you very much.

  2. Not a wonderful situation, in my opinion. My sister is schizophrenic and gets violent but doesn't recall the incident afterwards. It can be a dangerous gamble.

  3. Nice article Bogdan! It brings back memories of several classes at the university in Social Psychology, Philosophy, Biology and other scientific studies. I like the Blogger background. I use it in some of my blogs.