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Genesis by Sumerians - Anunnakies and Nibiru

Continuing from my previous posts Were ancient Gods simply astronauts from different planets? and Sumerian Clay Tablets - A differnt story about human kind
Adam And Eve

I'm arriving at the point where I need to bring some facts to light which present different story of human beginnings on earth than those presented by Catholic church and various religions mostly supported by Bible (that God created world 4000 years ago in seven days)  as well as current scientific main stream evolutionary views suggesting that 6000 years ago humans were still living in caves as decedents from monkeys. 

Totally different story we are getting from thousands of translated Sumerian tablets, which provide more detailed description of society which lived on earth 6000 years ago than what we know about Egyptians, whose many artifacts and recorded history have been destroyed by Romans. 
According to Sumerians about 432,000 years ago, the Anunnakies arrived on earth and taught them the basics of civilization.  The Anunnakies landed on earth as the two planets (Earth-Nibiru) came into proximity.

Based on the interpretations of Zecharia Sitchin, the term Anunnaki means, "those who came from the heavens to Earth."

According to Sitchin these are astronauts from planet Nibiru who landed in the Persian Gulf, on search for gold. 

"The Anunnaki sought gold to save their atmosphere, which had apparently sprung leaks similar to those we have created in ours by damaging the Earth ozone layer with hydroflurocarbons," writes author Lloyd Pye.

"The Anunnakies solution was to disperse extremely tiny flakes of gold into their upper atmosphere to patch holes ...Ironically, modern scientist contended that if we are ever forced to repair our own damaged ozone layer, tiny particulates of gold shot into the upper atmosphere would the best way to go about it"

In April 2009, President Obama's science adviser, John P. Holdern, publicly suggested that heavy-metal  "pollutants" be sprayed into the upper atmosphere to create a heat shield to slow global warming. 

According to Snowden, chemtrails are the only thing keeping the US from global warming incineration.

According to author Michael Tellinger, scientists discovered evidence of thousands of ancient mining operations in South Africa, some dated as far back as 100,000 BC.

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There were two main personalities Gods/Anunnakies half brothers  Enlil and Enki who were responsible for the expedition of mining gold on earth.  Their father Anu has been coordinating the efforts from their home planet Nibiru. 

From the beginning of their expeditions  Enlil and Enki were in constant conflict over the rights to the family status as the firstborn Enki was from not official wife of Anu. 

Since the process of finding and mining gold was slow, they've decided to create a slave race through DNA manipulation of primitives on earth.  
Ancient Sumerian artifact known as the Standard of Ur

Micheal Tellinger reports that Zulu creation legends agree with Sitchins interpretations of Sumerian tablets. 

Enki proposed that a primitive worker, called an Adamu, be created. There were primitive humanoids called Homo erectus in large numbers living in Africa. 

According to translated tablets, Anunnakies argued and debated if they should go ahead with experimentation and create hybrids of their own species with primitive creatures like those found on earth.  Eventually Enki suggested that creating of a hybrid would not be a creation but improvement of the existing breed

So once approved by Annunaki Assembly the Annunakies created new race in their image. 

The Bible has the following passage Genesis 1:26.

"Let us make a man in our image, after our likens.."

Why would God refer to himself in plural? 

Stone figure possibly depicting what the Anunnaki may look like.

Enki and the medical officer (female) Ninhursag produced many mutated creatures, including animals, amongst them bulls and lions with human heads, apes with wings and humanoids with the head and feet of goats. They have also produced first hybrid of human and alien origin by combining DNA of two species. 

According to Michal Tellinger possible laboratory where DNA manipulations were done can be found on Transvaal Escarpment and it is called Adam's Calendar.  Tellinger believes that ancient African Zulu culture is directly linked to the Sumerians. 

"Sumerian tablets tell the stories that Enki and Ninhursag took the reproductive cell or egg from a primitive African female hominid and fertilized it with the sperm of a young Anunnaki male. The fertilized ovum was then placed inside an Anunnaki woman reportedly by one of Enki's own wives, Ninki-who carried the child to term." writes Jim Mars in "Our Occulted History" 

This was first hybrid created called Adama.

Knowing that today scientist consider possibility of creating baby from three parents, we are not talking about phantasy. 

Although Anunnakies produced many male and female hybrids, hybrids were not able to reproduce themselves and had very short life span comparing to Anunnakies. This was by design so the new race was not able to compete in any way with the creators and could be used literally like mules.  

"The Anunnakies had to constantly create new batches, a time consuming procedure considering the span of time between in vitro fertilization and birth. So Enki and Ninhursag set about to create and Adama race that could reproduce itself. " writes Jim Mars. 

These new race was put into E-din by Enlil and put to work to produce food and serving the Anunnakies. 
Through DNA manipulation, new humans had their life span and capacity of full use of brain drastically shortened.

After this human population exploded on earth. Many new mining operations have been started and Adamas have been transported to other cities along Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This was the time when Adamas were sent out of E-din. 

Genesis 6:1-4 

"When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose ... and had children by them"

Further interbreeding of Gods and humans created race which was half way in-between and those bloodlines where carefully preserved by only mixing with other half-gods creating lines of  pharaohs kings, emperors, and other earthly rulers. 

The life of other Adamas wasn't easy. They had to work hard for their Gods.

Sitchin writes. "The term that is commonly translated as 'worship' was in fact avod - 'work'. Ancient and biblical man did not 'worship' his god: he worked for him. "

According to researcher Arthur Horn, Sumerian texts made it clear that "the Anunnakies treated their created slaves poorly, much like we treat domestic animals we are simply exploiting - like cattle. "

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