Saturday, 6 February 2016

Is Stephen Hawking only 2% different from Chimps and his ideas are result of biological halucinations?

Stephen Hawking
Consciousness is physics, but it can be only understood if one is not constrained by what physics means in today's terms. Consciousness is energy and energy is what physics is concerned with. The only problem today's physicist face is that consciousness hasn't been defined yet by the highest body of physics which decides what can be accepted to be investigated as part of physics.

No physicist will attempt to investigate the question of non-material domain if their career and reputation is on the line and general view of physics is that humans are just biological robots. According to this limited knowledge, we are just chimps with 2% of more DNA or we are dogs with 16% more of DNA or simply we are fruit flies with 40% more DNA.

Based on those assumptions one can easily reason that any conclusions by those scientists are simply results of mindless actions of robots. Those conclusions and findings can be simply discounted as they are results of biological hallucinations caused by biological reactions to external stimuli of mindless robots.

The fact that science has been hijacked by mindless robots should be finally recognized and they should be removed from main stream and put where they belong, meaning they should be allowed to be called religious zealots and their religion called "scientism". Those who believe that are humans should stop listing to robots and take science and human developments into the direction of true research where every idea is allowed to be entertained and full investigative process is implemented. There should be end to scientific heresy and fraud and ideas which are based on nonsense and robotic hallucinations are discounted early by use of logic and conclusions supported by already understood and proved concepts.

Biological robots should be not allowed to drive developments of humans who have access to consciousness and know that similarity to the next animal is only in the biological sense. A biological body is just a vehicle. Conscious humans should be able to take robots out of their game by using their own weapon. Recognizing a robot should be enough to conclude that what robot is proposing must be simply hallucination and one should not listen to it.

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