Saturday 9 March 2013

Are we responsible for all what happens to us, including our health and wealth?

Manitoba winter night  Photo Bogdan Fiedur
So called DNA Phantom effect demonstrated by Russian physicists Vladimir Poponin, shows that energy around us is affected by our DNA.

Do we care about it and why should we?

If our DNA has effect on our surrounding, this means that regardless of if we say something, or just think it, we are sending a message to the Universe. Regardless of if we are having positive thoughts or negative ones, they are being sent and are effecting world around us.

E.g if we have positive thoughts, the weave lengths of energy we emanate are short with higher frequency while negative are the opposite, long and with low frequency.  Not only energy we send is being picked up subconsciously by other organisms around us, but it affects our own physical system. 

Knowing this we can now understand that being around negative person will affect our physical and emotional being in a negative way. Adequately positive individual will affect world around them in a positive way. If w see around us lots of negativity this can be result of our own negative emotions which are being picked up by others. In addition we will attract other people who are compatible with our frequency of energy being sent out. The conclusion is, be positive more often to find positive world around you.

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