Friday 8 March 2013

Sound of angels is all around you, can you hear it?

Falling snow at night Photo by Bogdan Fiedur

When we rush and run during our daily activities, we are so busy and focused that we are missing beautiful sounds which nature makes available for our pleasure. When you just slow down for a moment and unwind and stop your mind, you realize that around you life exists which you were not noticing before.  There are birds chirping and wind caresses branches of trees, rustling leaves are playing quiet music and butterflies are moving from flower to flower. Although now is winter in the norther hemisphere, it is still possible to hear birds although not as often.

It totally surprised me when I heard this slowed down sounds of
crickets. You cold say this is music created by angels, of course if you believe in angels. If you don't the music is still beautiful and take a minute to listen to it.

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