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Human Evolution ideas might be wrong again- Homo erectus the only original spices present on earth?

English: Homo erectus in an asian setting
English: Homo erectus in an asian setting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This scientific discovery puts current evolutionary ideas about humans into question.
The skull found at the southern border of Georgia in 2000 is 1.8m years old and belongs to humanoid spices called homo erectus.

"The discovery of a complete hominid skull and other fossil remains in Dmanisi, Georgia, suggests that the earliest members of the Homo genus – currently split into half a dozen distinct species – actually belonged to a single species: Homo erectus.

These early human ancestors probably just had a wide range of physical appearances, say researchers in the journal Science. "


These ideas are inline with deciphered Sumerian tablets,  describing human creation out of spices called homo erectus by visitors from planet Nibiru, who arrived circa 450,000 BC on planet Earth and started colonizing it. Then  through genetic manipulations created slave race which has been combination of  homo erectus and their own DNA.

Read more about it in my articles. 

"In other words, instead of Africa once being home to multiple human species such as Homo erectus, Homo habilis, Homo ergaster andHomo rudolfensis, "we think it is sensible to attribute all specimens to Homo erectus," Zollikofer told LiveScience."

"We now have one global human species," Zollikofer said. "What we can infer from our study at Dmanisi is that at 1.8 million years ago, there was another single global human species."

In short there was no evolution on Earth of human species, there was one species on earth called home erectus, which suddenly became highly evolved. I'm writing about this in the article titled.
Sudden advancement of Sumerian civilization out of nowhere

According to another planet called Tiamat (the remaining part of it become Earth and the smashed pieces asteroid belt), seeded life on Earth including humanoid spices, which turned out later to be homo erectus.

Now the question is, did evolution happen on Nibiru?

Here you can check what are my views about evolution.

Did evolution really happen or it is just a fairy tale for grownups?
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The 12th Planet - Sumerians and their knowledge of cosmos

Solar System
Solar System
Based on the book "The Twelfth Planet" by Zecharia Sitchin  Sumerians believed that our solar system consists of 12 planets.

Probably NASA would disagree with this, but let us see how Sumerians viewed our solar system and where did they get this knowledge from.

Based on archeological research, there were no known advanced civilizations on earth before Sumerians.
We have already established that Sumerians appeared on earth suddenly and were actually very advanced with some of their technologies, knowledge and application of materials, social arrangements and other characteristics considered vital for developed society, summarized in my article Sudden advancement of Sumerian civilization out of nowhere.

Today I would like to tackle another area of Sumerian recorded history. Their understanding of stars and celestial bodies.  Sumerians had knowledge 6000 years ago about our solar system more advanced than our recent science even 100 years ago.

Sumerians knew of existence of all currently known planets in our solar system, while Pluto has been discovered in 1930 by our astronomers.

Sumerians understood that Earth was round and it was the Earth which circled around the sun, while our present civilization only 500 years ago through Copernicus came to appreciate that fact.
They were familiar with comets, meteors, and could calculate relationship between the movement of the sun, moon and earth and predict eclipses.
They were also able to identify stars and put them on the map which were not visible ever from the areas they inhabited. The stars which should be behind horizons from their point of view, could be found on their maps correctly positioned in relation to each other.

Sumerian cylinder seal with 12 planets of our solar system with proper
size relations and positioning with addition of 12th unknown planet

In addition Sumerians are talking about 12 planets while our current science only recognizes 9.  Since Sumerians counted sun and moon as planets we can conclude that 11 planets can be recognized in our solar system.  What about the 12th planet? There is no such planet yet discovered in our solar system. According to Sumerians, the 12 planets is called Nibiru or Marduk.  This is the planet of Gods, who visit our solar system every 3,600 years. Orbit of Nibiru is elliptical, and Nibiru is simply traveling through this orbit visiting our solar system and passing between Mars and Jupiter than taking turn around the sun and leaving our solar system for another 3600 years.

Source Wikipedia - Pluto Orbit
It is not hard to believe that some large planet could travel far enough to be not detected by current telescopes and returning back on the cyclical intervals, knowing that certain asteroids or commets travel through this kind of orbits and are visible to us every 30 or 60 years. Even our own Pluto has elliptical orbit and crosses orbits of other planets in our solar system. Pluto's orbital period is 248 Earth years

Several Sumerians tablets and cylinders depict, 12 planets with their accurate orbits, sizes in relation to each other and there are written histories about the beginning of our solar system and creation of Earth which was the result of collision of Marduk with another planet called Tiamat. Since Sumerians were correct about Earth being round and circling the Sun, could they be also correct about the 12th planet?

Sumerians were also aware of 12 zodiacs and their depictions and names of zodiac signs known today, are the same as they used to be 6000 years ago. If they didn't invent/discover them, then they have inherited them from their Gods (Annunakies).

You could ask why all this knowledge has been forgotten since their times and such theories like flat earth has taken over much more advanced knowledge they possessed. 

One of the hypothesizes could be a suggestion that Sumerians didn't really have the means to determine all this knowledge themselves and their Gods (Annunakis) who taught them all of this, simply left the Earth when their  planet was leaving the solar system. Subsequent civilizations like Babylonians, Assyrians and others were passing these ideas as legends or empirical knowledge, not supported by any scientific proofs and were with the time considered as believes rather than past history. With advent of science during the Greek era from works of Ptolomey and with introduction of geometry and lack of technology to determine size and shape of Earth, Greek mathematicians, had to assume that Earth was flat. Only later Copernicus who had been familiar with Greek writings prior to Ptolomey such as Hipparchus and Aristarchus of Samos who both lived in Asia Minor, was able to mathematically show that Earth was round and the one circling the sun not the otherwise.

This kind of ideas would be considered by church as heresy at this time, so Copernicus revealed this truth on his death bed.

Zecharia Sitchin - Sumerians & The Anunnaki

Where the Greek mathematicians took their knowledge from? Hipparchus confirmed that his studies were based on knowledge accumulated over millennia. His mentor was "Babylonian astronomers of Ereh, Borisippa and Babylon"
This takes us actually closer to Sumer. 

Why church would want to defend the wrong idea is similar to today's denials by governments about extraterrestrial visitations to earth and ET's influences on developments on earth.
If you long enough spread the lie, you build your carrier around it and it is hard to drop it.

You can check my other posts on this topic here.
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Coming back to Sumerians. 
Sumerians writings tell us that Gods, those who created them (see my other article about it Genesis by Sumerians - Anunnakies and Nibiru)  routinely traveled between heaven and earth in their fiery chariots or birds. Some of the depictions and tablets show objects which could only represent, rockets, astronaut gear, watch like devices on their arms, toll antennas looking exactly like today's antennas.  More on this in anther post.

Bogdan Fiedur

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