Friday 22 March 2013

Are our lives predetermined?

Winter night Photo by Bogdan Fiedur
Winter night Photo by Bogdan Fiedur

I'm finishing the book titled  "The Heart's Code" by Paul Pearsal, Ph.D.

This book is a scientific view of heart energies, called Energy Cardiology, and describes issues observed during and after heart transplantation as well other experiments in regards to heart research. Amongst many observations, there are significant proofs that recipient of a new heart inherits some of the characteristics of the donor.

What I would like to concentrate on today is rather different aspect of human heart.  The author of the above book, brings to our attention a study on identical twins where two brothers were separated at birth and adopted by two different families. The authors is pointing to heart connection between the two twins explaining why the two individuals leaving apart have so many similarities in their lives. 

Here is the list of remarkable similarities.
  • Both twins had been named James by their adoptive family.
  • The had each been married twice, the first time to women named Linda and the second time to wive named Betty.
  • They each named one of their sons James Alan.
  • They each had owned a dog they name Toy. 
  • They both reported a preference for Miller Lite beer, chain-smoked Salem cigarettes, and drove Chevrolets.
  • They each enjoyed the hobby of carpentry, which they practiced in similar basement workshops, making similar things. 
  • They both disliked baseball and said they were stock-car racing  buffs.
  • They had each served as sheriff's deputies in their respective communities.
  • They had each severely chewed their fingernails.     
  • Each was reported by their spouses to be very demonstrative in their affection and to constantly be leaving love notes around the house.
  • They had voted identically in three prior presidential elections.
  • Both said they were present oriented rather than past or future oriented
  • Both had taken several vacations to the same beach area in Florida. 
  • Their blood pressure, weight, pulse rates, and sleep patterns were nearly identical.
  • Both had suffered from hemorrhoids, had put on an extra ten pounds at the same time in their life, had undergone a vasectomy, had idenical brain-wave patterns in reaction to stress, and suffered from tension and  migraine headaches that usually began in the late afternoons and had begun to occur in their life at age eighteen.
When you look at the list of similarities, it is hard to deny that what happens here is more than coincidence.  Is this because these two individuals were connected energetically at birth being identical twins and their choices in life are influenced by each other at the distance without them realizing that, or simply our lives are predetermined in large degree and two identical twins are identical also on the energetic level (call it a soul), thus their choices are influence from the same spiritual realm.

It is interesting to note that identical twins are more similar if they are separated at birth than those which live together.

Bogdan Fiedur

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  1. Interesting sharing Bogdan... Thank You!
    I guess the ones that live together might somehow be trying to difference themselves, while those separated allow themselves to be themselves more and end up being much more similar then... if what I am saying is making some sense ;-)

  2. I agree Alain with you on that one. I though the same. When two of them live together, they are more concussions of their similarities and by human nature (ego), they try to be more unique and not follow each other foot steps to not be accused of lack of individuality. While being separate they are not aware directly of what other is doing.

    Thanks for checking in.