Friday 5 April 2013

Were Egyptian Pyramids Built by Higher Civilization?

When you keep reading facts about pyramids, (I found this list on David's Wilcock website Divine Cosmos), one has to wonder how was it possible that civilization over 4000 years ago, was able to come up with such a precision in building of massive structures, with perfect arrangements towards other planets, with dimensions correlating with planetary distances and perfect positioning of the structure on the surface of the earth taking into account exact center of the Earth's landmass. I'm not even talking here about how pyramids were built because as we know there are various hypothesis about it. All I want to do is to show certain facts which point that such structure like Great Pyramid couldn't be built even today with all the existing technology to be as precise as this old structure is. If this pyramid couldn't be built easily today, who built it and why?

Robert M Schoch - Forgotten Civilization
Robert M. Schoch, Ph. D. writes

A not-so-final note: I had been to Egypt before, and since the trip I describe here I have traveled to Egypt on many more occasions. The quest i not yet over. After much meticulous study, I have concluded that the beginnings of the Great Pyramid extend back in time much earlier than generally thought, indicating a level of sophistication not usually acknowledged for such remote period. In many ways, tracing the history and meaning of th Great Pyramid is key to understanding our origins as civilized beings. The Great Pyramid is not just a stagnant pile of ancient rock; it is structure that embodies the human spirit, and it has lesson to teach us today.

David Pratt, in an article on the pyramids, stated the following:

"The Pyramid is an unrivaled feat of engineering and craftsmanship. It is aligned with the four cardinal points more accurately than any contemporary structure, including the Meridian Building at Greenwich Observatory in London. The 350-foot-long descending passage is so straight that it deviates from a central axis by less than a quarter of an inch from side to side and only one tenth of an inch up and down -- comparable with the best laser-controlled drilling being done today.
The casing stones, some of which weighed over 16 tons, are so perfectly shaped and squared that the mortar-filled joint between them is just one-fiftieth of an inch -- the thickness of a human nail. Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie described such phenomenal precision as "the finest opticians' work;" work of this calibre is beyond the capabilities of modern technology. The casing stones show no tool marks and the corners are not even slightly chipped.
The granite coffer in the King's Chamber is cut out of a solid block of hard red granite -- so precisely that its external volume is exactly twice its internal volume. Engineer and master craftsman Christopher Dunn rejects the theory that it could have been cut and hollowed using bronze saws set with diamond cutting points, because when pressure was applied, the diamonds would have worked their way into the much softer copper, leaving the granite virtually unscathed.
In his opinion, the evidence shows that the Egyptians would have to have possessed ultra-modern tools, including tubular drills that could cut granite 500 times faster than modern drills. But that is not all. The Great Pyramid embodies an advanced knowledge of geometry, geodesy (the science of earth measurement), and astronomy."

Some other facts about pyramids

  • The base of the Great Pyramid x 43200 equals the equatorial circumference of Earth, with better than 1% accuracy
  • The height x 43200 equals the polar radius accurate to 0.2% (Note: Whoever built the pyramids knew that Earth wasn't a perfect sphere, for there were different measures for the equatorial and polar circumferences) 4320 is the number of years for Earth to move thru 2 zodiacal signs, or one sixth of the precession of the equinoxes
  • The three main pyramids at Giza mimic the stars of Orion's Belt in size and arrangement, as they would have appeared in 10,450 BC
  • If the Nile is represented by the Milky Way, then the position of the three Pyramids in relationship to the Nile reflects exactly the position of Orion's belt relative to the Milky Way during the time of solstice in 10,500 BC
  • Each of the Pyramid's four walls, when measured as a straight line, are 9,131 inches long, for a total of 36,524 inches. The exact length of the solar year is 365.24 days
  • The Great Pyramid's perimeter/height ratio is exactly 2 pi. The pi constant in mathematics was not discovered until much later
  • The Pyramid is located at the exact center of the Earth's landmass. Its East-West axis lies exactly on the longest land parallel -- passing through Africa, Asia, and America. The longest land meridian, through Asia, Africa, Europe, and Antarctica, also passes right through the Pyramid
  • The sides of the Pyramid are very slightly and evenly bowed in, or concave. This effect was discovered around 1940 by a pilot taking aerial photos. Today's laser instruments show that all of these perfectly cut and intentionally bowed blocks precisely duplicatethe curvature of the earth.

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