Thursday 2 May 2013

There is increasing evidence of advanced technologies used in ancient times

Is this May? Photo by Bogdan Fiedur
Evidence of highly evolved technological processes and monumental size of ancient buildings has always fascinated mankind in modern era.
Researchers are trying to understand  how ancient civilizations could have developed  Egyptian pyramids and how ancient builders could have obtained such an amazing precision which even today would be difficult to replicate.

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Majority of historians simply accept the fact that early human civilization thousands of years ago has built the Great Pyramid and stone complexes of South America, but yet some are searching for more clues and  even extraterrestrial intervention.

Countless examples of high level stone processing point to unbelievable precision and question current theories and established knowledge propagated in history books about origins of ancient structures.
Most historians are however trained to perpetuate certain historical writings and keep historical status quo  in spite of many obvious findings which point to higher knowledge or assistance available to ancients.
In videos below we can see evidence indicating that thousands of perfectly fitted stones is not simply a work of stonemasons and their primitive tools but evidence of higher technology used there. 

Below video shows that in many cases stones were cut with some cutting tools with high precision, which can be found near the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Similarly cut with unnatural precision are block-like stones which can be found in South America in the Puma PunkuThis could have been not done by primitive people as the the cuts are incredibly sophisticated and cutting accuracy is astounding. What's even more shocking in many places there are pre-drilled holes, which in ancient times men could just not do
You can hypothesize that one day someone could use technology such as stone concrete. This would be much easier, but the castings leaves marks which are not to be found in this examples. Therefore, it is more likely that there was some technology used allowing precision cutting.  Still remains problem of transportation of heavy blocks which in many cases, like e.g. in Peru Saxywoman had to be transported 5 miles from the closest quarry.

This brings us to the next hypothesis as to how those monumental structures were built. There are theories that the stone blocks were moved by sound. You can google Dr. Jarl, "Tibetan levitation" .
Here below you can see scientific proof that spherical objects are kept in the air and moved in any direction in controlled way using sound waves.

 From Dr Deek
This is an acoustic levitation chamber I designed and built in 1987 as a micro-gravity experiment for NASA related subject matter.
The 12 inch cubed plexiglas Helmholtz Resonant Cavity has 3 speakers attached to the cube by aluminium acoustic waveguides.
By applying a continuous resonant(600Hertz) sound wave, and by adjusting the amplitude and phase relationship amongst the 3 speakers; I was able to control levitation and movement in all 3 (x,y,z) axis of the ambient space.
This research was used to show the effects of micro-gravity conditions that exist in the space shuttle environment in orbit, but done here on Earth in a lab.
More on that here. 

How Acoustic Levitation Works

How about levitation by monks? See video below.

Could be that those technologies were used to build heavy ancient structures, where power of mind and knowledge of physics which is still escaping today's scientist was at work?

Bogdan Fiedur

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  1. I have always found this fascinating. Another study that goes right along with this is something called OOP artifacts, or Out Of Place artifacts, because they don't fit the standard, accepted place on the historical timeline.

    1. Hi Dave, you gave me idea for another article. Thanks.

  2. All this is most interesting. I appreciate your sharing it.