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The Human Energy Field - Seeing Holographically

The human energy field - Seeing Holographically
Seeing Holographically
In continuation from part 1

Below observations are summary from the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot from the chapter Seeing Holographically. 

Generally it is believed that human aura is an energy filed of higher vibration than normal matter energy. This is believed in Hindu tradition as well as it has been confirmed by those scientist who researched the human aura and measured it in the lab environment. In fact ancient Hindu literature describes matter as consisting of atoms (anu) and energy of the human field  as (paramanu) meaning "beyond the atom".  The physicist Bohm, who believes that universe has holographic nature, also believes that at the sub-quantum level there are many subtle energies still unknown to science.

Some psychics report that they can see three-dimensional images, virtual holograms which can be linked to person's preoccupation with daily problems. Some psychics can see movies in person's aura and can virtually rewind their experiences in the past or even go forward into the future. This could be discounted as person's imagination, but specific examples point to the facts that psychic was able to describe details of decoration inside the house which he had no experience of visiting or knowing  beforehand. The psychic could tell how many plants were in the house, how many leaves are on each plant or how many bricks are in the wall.  The psychic with the name Dryer, says that when she sees such a movie, she is becoming part of it and finds herself in that specific place or room. She feels like she watches 3 dimensional movie while being in the center of it and not taking part in it.

California retired clinical psychologist Ronald Wong Jue former president of the Association for Trans personal Psychology has found that within energy patterns of human body, skilled clairvoyant can see individual's history.

"The body is a kind of microcosms, a universe unto itself reflecting all of the different factors that a person is dealing with and trying to integrate"
 said Jue.

Seeing Brain Holographically
Seeing Brain Holographically

A psychiatrist named Karagulla discovered during her research several people who had the ability to see through a person like with the X-ray vision. One such individual could see for example distortion of an aura and after closer examination she could see that there was intestinal blockage near the observed person spleen.

Even in spite the fact that woman didn't have any symptoms, after actual X-rays were taken,  doctor could confirm that the examined person had the exact condition.

In another case the same clairvoyant with the name Diane, observed another patient who was hospitalized. Without being explained what was the patient condition, Diane determined that patient was missing pituitary gland which was affecting her other organs.

The medical report cold confirm that patient's pituitary gland has been previously removed.

Detroit researcher and a doctor Richard Gerber believes that it is the energy field that molds the body and not the other way around.

"The etheric body is a holographic energy template that guides the growth and development of the physical body." says Gerber.
Physicist Tiller agrees. "The thoughts that one creates generate patterns at the mind level of nature. So we see the illness, in fact eventually becomes manifest from the altered mind patterns through the rachet effect -first, to effects a the etheric level and then, ultimately, at the physical level  where we see it openly as the disease."

Tiller believes that if doctor where able to treat energy filed the illness would no re-occur. Currently medicine only addresses physical level which is only manifestation of the already distorted/blocked energy field.

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