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The Human Energy Field - Part 1

Human Energy Field
The old science paradigm assumes that life as we know it, it is just that which we can see and measure. Slowly various areas of sciences are embracing perception that in addition to flesh, living organisms have energetic component, which old ancient traditions knew for thousands of years.

The concept of aura has been depicted by painters on religious paintings and aura can be seen by psychic or people with abilities to read human energies.

In India sacred writings refer to this energy as prana and in China it is called  ch'i and it is believed that this is the energy which flows through acupuncture points and Jewish mystical philosophies call it nefish.

DNA phantom effect proves in science lab that organisms even after removing portion of its physical and visible portion of their structure, still maintain unchanged energetic signature which can be detected with special cameras.

Due to new developments and newer technologies, what has been unseen or undetectable by previous instruments, can be shown now and nobody can deny anymore that there is nothing more to our lives than physical bodies.

Chakra Field

The examples below are taken from the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

Psychic and healers can sense or see human and other living organism energies and with practice can analyze them to determine health problems and help correct them. 

Barbara Brennan who began her career as an atmospheric physicist working for NASA, became a healer after realizing that she had psychic abilities. According to Brennan, a person's psychological condition is also reflected in energy field. 
She also believes that illness can be caused by blockages and imbalances in aura and by affecting other person's energy she can enhance person's healing process.  Brennan also believes that human energy field is non-local and she is able to read it miles away, being with the person on the phone as far as on the other side of the globe.  

Another medical professional, Dr. Dloroes Krieger became interested in human energy field and studied it under well-known clairvoyant Dora Kunz. Krieger understood potential of being able to manipulate human energy field and she has decide to teach to others what she has learned. She called the practice "therapeutic touch" and taught it to nurses in hospitals. Her course and teaching became so successful that it is now being used in hospitals around the world.

The effectiveness of "therapeutic touch" has been demonstrated in several studies. Dr Janet Quinn an associate professor and assistant director of nursing research a the University of South Carolina at Columbia devised a double-blind study in which she proved that therapeutic touch could lower the anxiety levels of heart patients.

Valerie Hunt a physical therapist and professor of kinesiology at UCLA, has developed a way to confirm experimentally the existence of the human energy filed. She has discovered that an electromyograph, a device used to measure the electrical activity in the muscles, can also pick up the electrical presence of the human energy field. Hunt also discovered that when an aura reader saw a particular color in person's energy filed, the electromyograph always picked up a specific pattern of frequencies that Hunt learned to associate with that color. The most significant finding Hunt made was that certain talents and abilities seem to be related to the presence of specific frequencies.  She found that the more person is focused on the physical aspects of the world, the lower are the frequencies of (HEF), they are about 250 cps. On the other hand people who are psychics and healers have their frequencies in  the range between 400 and 800 cps. People who can channel, have their frequencies between 800 and 900 cps. Above that are people with mystical abilities.

To be continued.....

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  1. In my short Medical study, i have not come to know about Therapeutic touch particularly in my country or in my institution. If it become useful, then i will be accepted in every where soon. Thanks for let us know about it.

    1. Hello Hafiz, Thanks for checking out this article and commenting. Here is a link to website of Janet Quinn who researched Therapeutic Touch for 30 years

      When you do the search on Therapeutic Touch you will find links which are debunking this technique, but keep in mind that this technique has been given such a name only to be not associated with ancient healing practices so could be used in hospitals. If you read in more details about it, you will find that it is just continuation of ancient healing techniques like Reiki and other energetic healing practices.
      De-bunkers funded through big pharma industry will continue discrediting any technique which doesn't produce income for them and this will not change for a while but there is more and more people coming from the professional domains, who are showing that human has power to overcome any health issues with just power of mind.